The Outcasts Creative

We are the Outcasts! We want to collaborate with you.

Our Mission Statement

  1. To run affordable drop-in acting class, taught by those with experience in the industry. The class focuses on refining and teaching different skillsets in a space where the students work in a positive atmosphere that builds their confidence and further improves their abilities.
  2. To create an atmosphere in our class where our students will grow and flourish, improving their own abilities, regardless of their skill level and experience.
  3. To foster an environment in our class where the students will learn not only from the teachers but also from each other. Students will generally work with different people, which decreases the possibility of cliques forming.
  4. We ensure everyone attending a class gets equal time and our numbers do not exceed a level which makes this impractical.
  5. The Outcasts Creative, where possible aims, to do at least one performance or production a year, be it a stage play, short film or similar that is devised by the members. We hope that in this way members can feel empowered in the creative and devising process with a real sense of ownership over the product. In this production and others by the outcasts creative and associated participants we will If practical aim to cast actors from the regular membership of the Creative in the production, but we will not exclude other actors from taking part.
  6. To do regular online Script Readings with the Creative, giving the actors a chance to play different characters and improve their self-tape and online audition techniques.
  7. To run semi-regular ‘guest’ workshops, on a different day from the main class, with different guests giving talks from the industry, each of who will focus on different topics and areas of interest.

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